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Friday, 5 July 2013

Opamp Level Shift & Scaling Circuit Analysis–Notes for Beginners

Follow up on previous post, a few points to note on algebra analysis - to state the obvious for those who already know, to clarify things for those with humble beginning like myself:
  • acknowledge consciously that the goal is to put variables into y = mx + c
  • you need to know at the end of derivation what is on the left hand side – in other words – you need to know what is going to be y, and x before you even derive it
  • always substitute repeating complex terms with a symbol – it keep you mind in the bigger picture – and save you from typo – or miss-spelled mistakes. You can always re-substitute the terms back at the end of derivation.
  • watch out for stuffs that can be derived from basics variable, and make use of them – for example, identify that Vdac is a function of Vref, and let Vdac = β*Vref, where 0<= β<=1.
  • always good idea to drop in some number to verify nothings goes wrong in the algebra derivation
  • take it easy – nobody is going to punish you if you get it wrong – have a bit of curiosity, have fun.

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