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Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Catches – Microcontroller Embedded I2C Module: My First Encounter with Errata-sheet

When I first started doing design works, there was this particular project that required me to communicate through I2C. It was my virgin experience using Microcontroller with embedded I2C engine– and it did not works well – errors occur intermittently – I spent 2 week checked and rechecked my codes, bus waveforms – start , stop, acknowledge conditions – every single thing that I could think of…

There was so much frustration, finally I told myself that enough is enough and there must be something else going wrong instead of my code – and Google long enough – I found out that there’s something called “Errata sheet”. And true enough – looking for the errata of that silicon revision on manufacturer’s website it showed that there was a bug in the silicon – and it proposed some work-around, plugged the workaround in and everything works accordingly Smile

Lesson learnt –
Before choosing a controller or similar devices – always read the errata (if it has one) for the stuffs that related to you, and newly released devices might be more happening that you would expect!

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