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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Getting to know simulation - Part4 - insert basic buffer amplifier

To continue from previous post, let’s modify the circuit above as below
1.       Insert a parameterised opamp from menu Place –> Analog Functions ->  Parameterised Opamp
2.       Insert a +/-15V DC supplies from menu Place –> Voltage Sources ->  Power Supply
3.       Insert off-page connectors from menu Place -> Connection -> Terminal
4.       Wire up the opamp as x2 buffer amp using 1Meg Ohm resistors (so that 1V full scale sensor output will translate to 2V full scale ADC input). Route the circuit accordingly, re-run DCOP simulation and you get:
Now with the buffer – we get pretty good DC result – 1V sensor translated into ~2V adc input. For now, don’t concern yourself with the ~20mV error (2V – 1.97997V), we will cover this some other time.

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