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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Getting to know simulation - Part2 - Modeling

Let’s get started by modeling the blocks in schematic – knowing how to model is critical – else it will be GIGO (Garbage-In-Garbage-Out).

1.       Modeling of the sensor to ease design process – if you look at sensors such as microphone, transducer, you would find that most of them if not all do not have “Low output impedance”, which means, you cannot use a voltage source to model it. So let’s model our sensor as below, the values of R1, R2 is not important, which will become clear at this end of the series: in this case, output of the sensor is 1V.
2.       As for the ADC,  to ease design process let’s use a 1kOhm resistor to represent it – it is the load of the buffer circuit, at the end of the series, you will know why this is good enough

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