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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Moments of my intimate contact with electricity: Touching Mosquito Racket Zapper net…

I knew it is a bad idea, that it is going to be painful… and yet the temptation was just too strong Smile
Plus – no harm for doing that right? After all, people accidentally does it once a while…

So with the power on – and closing in with index finger – I finally get closed enough – for a spark to “shoot” into my finger – and yap, it was painful – just like being poked by a needle! And it never cease to impress me what electronic can do, with couple of AA battery, this thing can boost it up to kV for zapping!
So this is where the boost converter comes in, with a boost converter, we can easily step up any voltage to the desired level, and it is pretty common in electronics (camera flash, spark plug….) And who says electronic is boring??

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