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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Catches: Boost Converter that don’t last

This happen about second year i started hands-on design – it was a 100V boost converter – most of the time the prototype works well – but every once a while – it stop working  after a large “blak” sound.

So tracing back on the switching waveforms – voltage, current I deduced that the inductance was not right – VL = L * (di/dt) relationship does not hold – drop in another piece – and it start working again.

Being curious as I am (luckily), I check the resistance of the inductor and compared to the new part (did not have LCR meter on hand). The resistance is much lower lower than the number stated in datasheet.

As the failure made me very un-comfortable – I went Google around – and it turns out that inductor does have voltage rating (although not mentioned in the datasheet of the one I was using), so the design was flawed in the first case – luckily it was found out earlier than later (it pays for being curious), else can’t even imagine what it would do in the field. Changing the part to high voltage part – and it work out solid!

For more details, refer to previous post:

Lesson –
Inductor does have voltage rating – due to the insulation coating of the windings, and the way wires being wound – and the inductor intended for high voltage operation will have working voltage stated in the datasheet – else don’t use it at high voltages.

Always look for the root-cause – it will save your ass

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