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Friday, 7 September 2012

Getting to know simulation - Part7 - Bode Plot from a buffer circuit (that oscillate)

Continue from last post, to solve the problem, we need to acknowledge that the buffer circuit is in fact a feedback loop
To identify which components belong to with block – refer to the blog
Let’s modify the schematic to perform bode plot analysis
1.       Ground non-inverting input – since op-amp input is already high impedance – any voltage source with series resistance is pretty much behaving just like a pure voltage source – for DC voltage source, it is always a AC ground.
2.       Place large inductor, infinite AC coupling capacitor and AC source, configure the AC source as below:
3.       Choose AC analysis:
4.       Your schematic should becomes:
5.       After simulation, you get
6.       But, how to interpret the plot?

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